S/Y Aglaia

Vitters Shipyard requested us to carry out a detailed structural strength analyses using Finite Element Model software.

This concerns a 66 m high-performance sailing sloop designed by Dubois Yacht Design. Work commenced in August 2008. Various changes to the structural lay-out had to be accommodated during the course of this project. Of particular concern was the integrity of the keel casing after grounding. The keel casing houses a lifting keel arrangement with a 100 ton bulb. Apart from the analyses associated with grounding loads, other load cases were also analysed. During the course of this project various hotspots were identified in the construction arrangement in which the allowable stress is exceeded. The final report on the work carried out was delivered early in 2009.

  • Vitters 66m
  • Fast Cruising Sloop
  • 66.0m | 218ft
  • Vitters
  • FEM analysis for global loading assesment of longitudinal hull strength