Sailing Yachts

Our history in the area of sailing yachts barely needs an introduction: Dr. Ir. Pieter van Oossanen was responsible for all of the sailing yacht projects at the Maritime Research Institute MARIN before he started his own company. This included the development of the winged keel for Australia II in 1983. Since then hundreds of sailing boats and yachts have been designed and optimized, from small keel boats and skiffs to very large cruising and racing yachts. Nowadays we provide total design concepts for all types of sailing vessels.

We are specialists in the design and optimization of Dutch Leeboard Yachts, Lemsteraken. These yachts, which originated in the 18th century, use leeboards instead of a keel and have a relatively flat-bottomed hull with little or no deadrise. Due to the high-level racing and extensive optimization of these yachts, the speed under sail is comparable with today’s modern sailing yachts. Thanks to our knowledge of Fluid Dynamics we completely understand the factors that drive the design to this level of performance, particularly in shallow water. Try us.

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15,5 m Fast Lemsteraak  Warber