M/Y Quinta Essentia

For many of the yachts to leave the succesful Heesen Yard, we have been involved as consultants or as naval architects. This was also the case for Quinta Essentia.

For Quinta Essentia, we were heavily involved with all of the performance aspects of the yacht: resistance and propulsion optimization work, CFD analysis, model testing, etc.

The CFD analysis were aimed at optimizing the performance: to determine the optimum dynamic trim control and the difference in the full scale wakefield in the propeller plane for different shaft-bracket configurations. All calculations were done with the yacht free to trim and sink. The results of the analyses, the optimized wake field, were used by the propeller manufacturer to come to a better design.



  • Quinta Essentia
  • Aluminium Semi-Displacement Motor Yacht
  • 55.0m | 182ft
  • Heesen Yachts
  • CFD Analysis to determine the optimum dyamic trim control