Project Focus

Project Focus makes it possible to realize an event location in an optimal exclusive environment, providing a superior level of comfort and ensuring privacy. Celebrity weddings, business meetings, seminars and conferences and exclusive dance parties are only some examples of events that can be realized.

The platform can be used for one large event spread over three different locations, as well as for several separated events at the same time. Guests can arrive from shore, by tender or helicopter. While the host of the event and his companions can prepare in their staterooms and cabins without any disturbance.

The multiple-platform layout of Project Focus enables many event-combinations. For example, the central saloon on main deck level can be used as a cinema, theatre or concert room, having the saloon above functioning as a lounge bar afterwards, enjoying the views. It is possible that a seminar can take place in the beach saloon, while the guests of the party take a plunge in the sea at the side beach club. Or, the main deck saloon can be used as a dance floor and offer an after-party in the lounge above. Guests who want to enjoy some fresh air can have a chill in the beach saloon or use the aft deck to enjoy in the pool and play with one of the many fun water attributes.

A strong point of the design is that the traffic of guests and crew can be fully separated. A private guest atrium is leading from main deck to owner’s deck and the crew staircase leads from tank deck to owner’s deck. The crew can service all the yacht area’s without having to cross by any of the saloons or by having to pass outside.



  • Project Focus
  • 75m
  • Fast Displacement Hull Form with Hull Vane
  • Multi-Event Platform Steel/Aluminium Motor Yacht