S/Y Le Défi Areva

From October 2000 to July 2002, Peter van Oossanen was a senior member of the French design team of the Le Défi Areva Challenge for the next America’s Cup.

Peter brought with him the experience of 6 previous America”s Cup campaigns. The design team consisted of 11 different specialists to cover the various areas of design and the research and development activities to be carried out. Two new boats were built, FRA 69 and FRA 79, the latter was fitted with the deck equipment from the 2000-vintage FRA 46. Two boat testing with NZL 32 was carried out during the last days of July 2002 with FRA 69. The boats were transported to Auckland by ship. Sailing resumed in Auckland in September.

Peter resigned from the design team in June 2002 because of serious differences of opinion with some other team members concerning the decisions made on various technical issues.

In the first Round Robin, which started on the 1st October, FRA 69 performed badly, not winning a single race. At times the speed was there and during 3 races FRA 69 led for part of the race. Prior to Round Robin 2, modifications were made to rudder and winglets in an attempt to reduce wetted area.

  • Le Défi Areva
  • IACC
  • 24.0 m
  • Multiplast
  • Member of Design Team