S/Y Lady Sunshine

We completed detailed design work in November 2004 for a new keel with a pronounced bulb and winglets for the 37m Lady Sunshine, a Jongert Yacht built in the late 80s.

For this project we were asked to study various alternatives in order to determine the least-cost option with satisfactory performance. This turned out to be a keel with a pronounced bulb fitted with relatively large winglets. Allthough both a lifting keel (with a bulb and winglets) and a keel with a trimtab showed to yield slightly better performance levels, the additional cost associated with the retrofitting of these alternatives was considered to be too great for the associated performance gain.

  • Lady Sunshine
  • Sloop-rigged Sailing Yacht
  • 32.0m | 105ft
  • Jachtwerf Jongert
  • Design of new keel with bulb and winglets