S/Y Kaatje

The sailing performance of the 16 m Lemsteraak “Kaatje” was optimized using our in house developed VPP.

This Lemsteraak is a sister vessel of the already optimized “Marie Charlotte II”. As part of the optimization a new sail plan and rig were fitted. Small changes to the appendages were also performed.

Apart from the optimization, the “Kaatje” was completely retro-fitted by the Dutch traditional yard Stofberg & Zn. The steel hull was sand blasted and repainted. Bad steel areas in the hull were replaced. Large parts of the interior were disassembled, cleaned and repainted as well. A new hydraulic and electrical system were fitted in order to power the winches and onboard systems.

  • Kaatje
  • Lemsteraak
  • 15.5m | 51ft
  • Jachtwerf Stofberg en Zn.
  • Performance Optimization and Refit