S/Y IJsvogel

Our first order for the complete design of a Dutch Leeboard Yacht was a series of 16.7m “Lemsteraken” in 1997 .

Considerable time was spent to carry out the necessary research to design a fast Lemsteraak, within the strict rules set up by the national authority to ensure that newly designed yachts remain “traditional” in appearance. A systematic study was carried out to determine the optimum hull shape and the optimum values of the important design parameters. This project has been reported on in the Dutch magazine “Spiegel der Zeilvaart”, number 8, 1998, and in number 2, 2000.

The first yacht in the series is the “IJsvogel”. The Maasvogel is the second yacht built according to this design. The third yacht according to this design, called “Wadvogel” (previously “Spotvogel”), is presently being fitted out.

  • IJsvogel
  • 16.7 m
  • Conavroegh / Stofberg
  • Design and Naval Architecture