Gran Displacement

New FDHF Hull Concepts
Van Oossanen has been working on new developments within the FDHF concept. The general aim has been to examine alternative volume-length ratios and finding new unique selling points. The results are 3 new FDHF-based hull forms, offering each unique new features.

The Gran Displacement hull offers  30-40% more volume for the same length compared with regular hulls, without losses on performance.
This is because it still features the basic benefits of the FDHF concept, good results for speed, efficiency and comfort, and a Hull Vane® is added under the aft ship. When wished for, the Hull Vane can be assisted by a ‘Hull Vane assist‘ under the front hull to increase the overall performance.

Gran Displacement (+Hull Vane assist): 30-40% more volume, high speed potential


    • maximum interior space (+30-40%)
    • good performance and comfort
    • based on patented FDHF

In this hull concept 30-40% more volume is created within the same length, without losing the good performance capacities of the FDHF.

Naturally a maxi volume yacht would end up in a full displacement design, whereas the  Gran Displacement hull still offers good performance results at all speeds ranges. The application of a Hull Vane® under the aft’s hull adds more speed and efficiency to this concept.

An innovative ‘Hull Vane assist‘ under the front hull is part of this concept, to reduce the vessel’s motions – it dampens pitch motions- and improve its overall performance.

Gran Displacement HVA 02