Fast Displacement XL®

New FDHF Hull Concepts
Van Oossanen has been working on new developments within the FDHF concept. The general aim has been to examine alternative volume-length ratios and finding new unique selling points. The results are 3 new FDHF-based hull forms.

One of them is the patented Fast Displacement XL®; this new interpretation of the FDHF is combing max length within the 200,300 or 500GT categories, ensuring a high standard of comford and stability onboard.

Fast Displacement XL®: maximum length for GT, optimal comfort


    • Maximum length within the GT categories
    • Best performance and good comfort
    • Lots of exterior deck space
    • Open platform for any design
    • Patented since 2016

This hull concept aims to realise the maximum length within the FDHF concept, ensuring a stable and comfortable yacht, also at lower speeds. So maximum speeds results are reached by a hull that still sails comfortable through the water. In 2016 our Fast Displacement XL® was successfully patented. Since then several XL® concepts have been developed up to 62m,still within the 500GT.

Fast Displacement XL 01