Quote from Wolfson unit

The renowned Wolfson Unit has carried out towing tank tests on a large number of differing types of motor yacht hull forms since 1968. Their database contains the resistance and powering data for the majority of the tested motor yacht hull forms.

Fast Displacement Hull Wolfson


They can calculate a performance coefficient for each resistance relating to the speed, length, displacement and effective power. This allows direct comparison of the FDHF with other tested hull forms.

Dickon Buckland from the Wolfson Unit recently said about the Fast Displacement Hull:

‘When compared to other round bilge hull forms at speeds between the cruising speed of 15 knots and almost planing speeds of 44 knots, the tested motor yacht’s ranking is typically around 100 – 140 per cent. This means that the design is currently ranked as the most efficient in the Wolfson Unit’s database. The ranking even increases to around 100 – 200 per cent, when compared to hard chine forms in the database.

Benefits of the Fast Displacement Hull Form for yard and owner