Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF)

We have developed the patented ‘Fast Displacement Hull Form’ or FDHF. The development of this concept was triggered by the desire to develop a hull form that is efficient over the entire speed range and not only in a restricted speed interval around the maximum speed.

The FDHF is applicable to all yachts or commercial vessels and performs better than conventional displacement and semi-displacement type hull forms at all speeds up to full ‘planing’ speeds. At semi-displacement speeds, the resistance values displayed by the FDHF are 15 to 20 per cent better than those of well-designed hard chine hull forms.

Other benefits include significantly increased comfort onboard with better sea keeping and wave reduction. Particularly when compared to hard chine yachts, the FDHF showed improved sea keeping behaviour and manoeuverability, as well as a reduced sensitivity to a sudden increase in displacement.

In November 2009, we signed a contract for the first yacht featuring the fully developed application of the FDHF concept. Since then we have received many more commissions to develop new yacht concepts based on the FDHF, ranging from smaller yachts of around 20 meters up to 80 meters in length.


  • best performance at all speeds
  • silent comfort
  • patent protected