S/Y Buikschuiver 2

In 2009 we were granted the design of a 15.25 m Dutch Leeboard yacht. This yacht is called “Buikschuiver 2” (in English: belly glider 2) or in short BS2. The owner of this yacht pre-owned a 16.25 m Dutch Leeboard yacht and he had a very clear idea about the possibilities and capabilities of these yachts.

The design of this 15.25 m yacht was aimed at creating an optimum yacht for both racing and family comfort. In order to prepare the yacht for future changes in both the rating rule as well as the rules related to traditionalism, the yacht complies with all regulations in a wide range of discplacements.

For this new design we used the latest state of the art software tools currently available.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations were performed in developing the lines of the hull and the appendages. These calculations included runs for both the downwind and the upwind sailing condition, including dynamic trim and sinkage effects, in shallow water.

With the resistance and side force data obtained from these calculations our in-house VPP was fine-tuned. With the new version of our VPP we are now able to calculate side force, resistance, lift and drag characteristics of this type of sailing yachts with a much higher level of accuracy than before. With the new version of our VPP we have carried out extensive studies aimed at optimizing the displacement, sail plan and many other speed-related factors.

This yacht is built by Workumer Jachthaven (www.wjh.nl) and won the “Hollands Glorie Award” in 2013.

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