Arrow 460 Granturismo

The Silver Arrows Marine ARROW460-Granturismo is the mould-breaking first model from a new partnership to build a luxury motor yacht that captures the design purity and dynamism of a Mercedes-Benz automobile.

ARROW460-Granturismo arrives after a four-year development period during which Silver Arrows Marine worked in close collaboration with its partner Mercedes-Benz Style and many of the world’s most eminent names in yacht design and construction. Unveiled on the Côte d’Azur during the launch of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet, the first pre-production yacht is named Mercedes. The 706 kW (960 hp) yacht is embarking on sea trials out of Nice ahead of the final commissioning of the interior, due in May when full technical and commercial details will be released.

Displaying the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, the automotive DNA in ARROW460-Granturismo is plain to see. It ensures sensual purity unlike anything else on the water while delivering an on-board experience that only a complete re-imagining of the 14m class of motor yacht could deliver.

The objective was not simply the fastest 14m motor yacht, but one that, in the words of Silver Arrows Marine Chief Executive Officer Jacopo Spadolini, combined “all-round performance with great comfort and ease of handling”. There was also a requirement for the boat to stay ‘dry’ at its 26 knots cruising speed in a variety of different sea states.

The crucial final optimisation work on the hull has been carried out by Van Oossanen. We used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyse the hydrodynamic flow around the yacht’s hull. The big architectural challenge was to integrate the underwater ‘lines’ with the above-water feature lines as drawn by Mercedes-Benz Style designers. Keeping form and function in a yacht that had to deliver excellent performance and the ultimate comfort experience was only possible after extensive CFD research on every detail. It also required close collaboration between Van Oossanen and the Mercedes-Benz Style designers.

Van Oossanen’s managing director Niels Moerke says: ‘Our philosophy was to focus on details, as details make the difference.’ Examples are the integration of the intermediate spray rails, optimised with help of CFD, and a specific propeller tunnel that is exceptional for yachts with 35+knots speed. ‘Realising details like these in close company with the yard and Mercedes-Benz Style has made all the difference to the unique high quality design of the Arrow460.’