55m motoryacht Laurentia

Delivered by Heesen September 2017, Laurentia features the patented Fast Displacement Hull Form, developed by Van Oossanen. At 55 meters, Laurentia is the largest steel hulled Fast Displacement motor yacht built by Heesen Yachts to date.

Laurentia combines efficiency, performance and style in a design package of 740GT, with elegant yet muscular clean lines by Omega Architects. This steel-hulled motor yacht sets a new standard in superyacht performance.

The client’s design brief called for a yacht of the highest standards, efficiency, comfort and a novel lay-out.

Her hull form was derived from an extensive parametric study carried out for the shipyard, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). By re-investigating the driving parameters behind resistance and efficiency for the Fast Displacement Hull Form, we found new ways to reduce resistance in the steel hulled version of the FDHF.

The focus was more at efficient cruising than a high maximum speed, in this perspective all the basics were investigated: draft, beam, bulbous bow shape and volume, and so on. Besides efficiency and low resistance, also comfort  was aimed for and especially in roll at anchor.  The final selected design was model-tested in the towing tank of the Wolfson Unit in Southampton.

During the sea trials Laurentia exceeded her contractual speed and reached a top speed of 16.6 knots. The vessel proved to be highly responsive, accepting steering commands immediately. The use of large rudders in conjunction with a powerful steering unit makes for a very quick reaction, as does the high pitch of the propellers. The overall effect instils great confidence in the captain when manoeuvring in strong wind conditions.

  • Heesen
  • steel motoryacht
  • 55m
  • FDHF
  • Laurentia
  • Full naval architecture, with a focus at efficiency and comfort especially in roll at anchor
  • 740GT