S/Y Warber

At the Hylper Hurdsilerij 2010, the 15.5m Lemsteraak “Warber” participated in her first race, after only 2 days of sailing since her launch: A Clean Sweep! With a broken kluiver (outer jib), the first two races were finished 2nd on line honours, 1st on corrected time. After repairing the kluiver the remaining 3 races were won by corrected time and line honouors, with an average of 3 minutes lead time on number 2. A lot of turmoil followed, voices raised, saying the “Warber” was not a Lemsteraak and the handicap rule had to be re-written.

Construction of the hull was started mid February 2010 at “Skipshelling I. Blom” in Hindelopen. The hull was launched early september, 2010.  In the summer of 2011 the interior was finished and more adjustments made to suit the wishes of the surveyors of the SSRP.

The mast, boom, rudder and leeboards have been built with use of the newest techniques currently available. The new techniques ensure a high quality product and an exact three dimensional shape in agreement with the design. The propulsion of the yacht is hybrid to ensure low fuel consumption and less environmental impact.

For this new design we used the latest state of the art software tools currently available. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations were performed in developing the lines of the hull and the appendages. These calculations included runs for both the downwind and the upwind sailing condition, including dynamic trim and sinkage effects, in shallow water. The calculations were carried out with our CFD code ISIS from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN).

With the resistance and side force data obtained from these calculations our inhouse VPP was fine-tuned. A new analyses of previously carried out wind tunnel tests were also carried out leading to a fine-tuning of the Aero-module in our VPP. With the new version of our VPP we are now able to calculate side force, resistance, lift and drag characteristics of this type of sailing yachts with a much higher level of accuracy than before.

With the new version of our VPP we have carried out extensive studies aimed at optimizing the displacement, sail plan and many other speed-related factors.

  • To build a fast Lemsteraak with the use of the most modern available techniques;
  • To set-up a group of companies co-operating together for the purpose of developing new Lemsteraak projects together with prospective clients.

Companies involved in this new project are:

  • Warber
  • 15.5m Lemsteraak
  • 15.5m | 51ft
  • Skipshelling I. Blom
  • Design | Naval Architecture