S/Y Do Alde Sudersee

Following our success of our 15.50 m Dutch Leeboard yacht we were granted a new design of a 13.50 m Dutch Leeboard yacht in a so called fisherman setup. For this new 13.50 m yacht we used sophisticated studies to optimize the performance.

We were able to create a standing height of 1.93 m inside the hull of this yacht, keeping all the traditional exterior looks of the yacht in proportion. A full accommodation is fitted, featuring an owners cabin, a cabin with three beds and two additional double beds in the aft. A total of 9 fixed comfortable beds are available. Apart from that a separate shower, toilet, a spacious kitchen and u-shaped seating area are present. With the table lowered a total of 11 sleeping places are available.

This yacht is equipped with an invisible automatic pilot and a hydraulic installation for lowering and hoisting the mast and leeboards. In the cockpit a seating arrangement is setup to create a comfortable living area outside.

This yacht is being built at the Workumer Jachthaven (www.wjh.nl) and will set sail in the spring of 2013.

  • 13.50m Vissermanaak
  • 13.50 m
  • Workumer Jachthaven
  • Design and Naval Architecture
  • Dutch Leeboard yacht, type Vissermanaak