Piet van Oossanen:

“We will very soon reach a unique moment when the required hull form of a ship with minimum hydrodynamic drag will be obtained by means of a single computer run”

Peter (Piet in Dutch) founded the company in 1992 as Van Oossanen & Associates b.v., after having worked at MARIN for some 20 years. In 1981 through 1983 he carried out a significant research project for the Australian Challenge for the America’s Cup, culminating in the development of the winged keel and the winning of the America’s Cup in 1983 by the 12 Metre Yacht “Australia II”. His desire to become more involved in the design of ships and yachts lead to his decision to set-up his company concentrating on naval architecture and hydrodynamic research. In 2011 the company was renamed Van Oossanen Naval Architects b.v. and in January 2012 Perry van Oossanen and Niels Moerke were appointed directors in charge of the daily running of the company, which has steadily grown to the size it now is. Since then Peter has enjoyed the extra time now available to pursue some special projects he has wanted to tackle for some time.

Managing Directors

Perry van Oossanen:

“Rather than to pursue our own success, we aim to be of added value to our clients”

Perry is responsible for the naval architecture of the large yachts and ships within the company. He is an all-round Naval Architect with a special focus on hydrodynamics and performance optimization in the design process. He also works as a consultant on many projects concerning performance and is responsible for the in-house performance prediction software.

Niels Moerke:

“Fast, efficient, innovative”

Niels is specialized in the design and naval architecture of small craft, and in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Niels has a personal interest in Dutch traditional sailing vessels such as the Lemsteraak and Skûtsje classes.

Department Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Tijmen Maas Geesteranus:

“From idea to concept”

Tijmen is specialized in the initial stages of the design and especially in everything that is involved in getting to a solid concept design. With a switch to the CFD department, he is able to combine his naval architecture skills with CFD knowledge and apply this in the concept design stages to further optimize the concept design.

Kasper Uithof:

“Designing the yacht of the future”

As Project Manager for Hull Vane BV, Kasper is responsible for streamlining the processes within the company. He makes sure that projects are completed in time and that the quality of the delivered products is high. On a day-to-day basis, Kasper is involved in the optimization of the Hull Vane for various applications with the use of CFD. As a Naval Architect he worked on the development of innovative ship designs. Holding Master degrees in Maritime Technology and General Management, he offers new insights to the team.

Vincent Jacobs:

“Just because it has not been done before, does not mean it cannot be done”

Vincent has a background in naval architecture and ship hydromechanics. Using state of the art CFD software, his main focus is on developing the automatic hull optimization, making it applicable for a more generic type of optimization.

Nils Hagemeister:

“Fascinated by flow”

Nils is specialized in aero- and hydrodynamic analysis and in the performance prediction of sailing yachts. He has experience with both computer simulation and model testing, this helps him to define the most efficient approach to optimize ship hulls. In his free time he likes to travel and explore nature in general, particularly while sailing.


Mark Pieter de Jonge:

Combining theory and practice

With a Master degree in Hydrodynamics, Mark Pieter knows about the theory of flow. His aim at Van Oossanen is to combine this with the practical side of ship design. Together this should result in an optimal design.

Julian Hofman:

”The true beauty of a ship is below the surface”

Julian is studying Maritime Technology and is particularly interested in the physic laws applied on the hull below and above the surface. During his internship at Van Oossanen, he focuses on developing the Hull Vane® for small motor yachts. He found out that a ‘simple’ innovation like the Hull Vane®, can have a big impact in on hull efficiency.  As the Hull Vane® can be applied on a wide range of vessels, he sees a lot of potential for the Hull Vane® in the near future.

Pierre Le Bihan:

”The theory to reach perfection”

As a Hydrodynamics and Naval Engineering student from École Centrale Nantes, Pierre is passionate by boats and their performance. He is doing an internship on hulls and appendages optimization.

Naval Architecture Department

Alex Grasman:

“Combining the client’s targets and the designer’s visuals into a sound design”

Alex is a Naval Architect with particular focus on the preliminary design; during which the vessel’s key features are defined. As a Naval Architect he looks after hull design, stability, propulsion systems, structural design and how all that combines into a vessel meeting its requirements.

Tijmen Bergsma:

“An optimized hull-form is only the start of a great design”

Tijmen is an expert in structural design, in particular in large composite yachts.

Anita Andreoli:

“Improving the efficiency in each aspect of the vessel is the key for an optimal design”

Anita graduated in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, with a Master thesis about the prediction of roll motion for high speed vessels. She is a specialist in Ship Stability and Sea-keeping.

Jacob Blom:

“With the design boundaries set, the challenge begins!”

Jacob’s key interest lies in the process of getting from a global idea to a complete and specified technical design that still has its unique design marks.



Roel Carboex:

“I try to create products which can be built efficiently”

With a background in structural engineering, survey and software sales & consultancy, Roel has over 20 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry. He combines practical shipyard knowledge with cutting-edge software technologies, to create products which can be built efficiently. His goal is to realise projects on time and on budget to create value for all stakeholders.



Luisa Menano de Figueiredo:

”Looking at the future”

As a graduate student for Marine Technology at TU Delft, Luisa is fulfilling an internship at Van Oossanen. Her goal is to bring sustainability together with yacht design.


Jacqueline Kwint Prijs:

“Varied tasks at various levels”

As the Office Manager, Jacqueline has a diversity of tasks. One moment she maintains in- and external contacts and the other moment you can find her on a trade fair,  being a hostess for potential clients. She makes sure that everything is well arranged, from correspondence to business trips. Personal assistance of the management is an important part of her job. Because of this diversity, she is involved in almost everything which makes it fun to work within this close-knit team.

Kees van Ravenswaaij:

“Count me in”

Kees is the financial heart of the company. Kees works at Alfa Accountants & Adviseurs and is seconded to Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

Minka Zeilstra:

“Choose your position, meet your client’s needs and stay close to what you’re really good at”

Minka is the PR and Marketing manager for Van Oossanen and Hullvane.  Her focus is on profiling the company in the yachting business as well as the commercial shipping industry. This means building relationships with clients, expanding the company’s activities and optimizing all communication.

Alie Stap:

“A cleared company motivates people!”

Alie supports the company by ensuring the office remains clean throughout the week. If necessary she can assist in festivities, being a hostess or servicing drinks at busy times.



Carla Broertjes:

“Accuracy and care for the company”

Carla is our financial assistant, she supports the financial department by fulfilling time-consuming administration tasks.