Piet van Oossanen:

“We will very soon reach a unique moment when the required hull form of a ship with minimum hydrodynamic drag will be obtained by means of a single computer run”

Peter (Piet in Dutch) founded the company in 1992 as Van Oossanen & Associates b.v., after having worked at MARIN for some 20 years. In 1981 through 1983 he carried out a significant research project for the Australian Challenge for the America’s Cup, culminating in the development of the winged keel and the winning of the America’s Cup in 1983 by the 12 Metre Yacht “Australia II”. His desire to become more involved in the design of ships and yachts lead to his decision to set-up his company concentrating on naval architecture and hydrodynamic research. In 2011 the company was renamed Van Oossanen Naval Architects b.v. and in January 2012 Perry van Oossanen and Niels Moerke were appointed directors in charge of the daily running of the company, which has steadily grown to the size it now is. Since then Peter has enjoyed the extra time now available to pursue some special projects he has wanted to tackle for some time.

Managing Directors

Perry van Oossanen:

“Rather than to pursue our own success, we aim to be of added value to our clients”

Perry is responsible for the naval architecture of the large yachts and ships within the company. He is an all-round Naval Architect with a special focus on hydrodynamics and performance optimization in the design process. He also works as a consultant on many projects concerning performance and is responsible for the in-house performance prediction software.

Niels Moerke:

“Fast, efficient, innovative”

Niels is specialized in the design and naval architecture of small craft, and in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Niels has a personal interest in Dutch traditional sailing vessels such as the Lemsteraak and Skûtsje classes.