TESO Texelstroom

Texelstroom is a sustainable, new-generation ferry of Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO). The ferry operates between the islands of Texel and Den Helder, Netherlands.

For this ferry, Van Oossanen analysed the design of the superstructure for wind forces and optimised the hull shape. Wind hinder CFD analyses of the lateral wind force on the intended route was used to determine the forces of extreme weather conditions  that are acting on the vessel.

Van Oossanen also used CFD to analyse hull performance and resistance in the water, as well as the behaviour of the design in the waves.

The hybrid diesel electric-fuelled vessel is classed by Lloyd’s Register, notations include Passenger and Crew Accommodation Comfort (PCAC), recognising measures taken to enhance habitability and passenger wellbeing.

Each year, TESO carries at least 3.5 million passenger and about 1.4 millions of cars on the crossing.

  • Texelstroom
  • Ferry
  • 135.4
  • 1,750 passengers and 350 cars
  • LaNaval Shipyard, Spain