RWS MPV 30 Merwestroom

This multipurpose vessel for Rijkswaterstaat is part of  a series of 3 MPV’s that will combine multi tasks with a focus on energy efficiency. The vessels will be sailing on inland waterways and on the Waddenzee and Noordzee until 30 miles offshore. March 2018 the first vessel was launched at Bijlsma Shipyard, scheduled to be taken into service by the Rijksrederij end of 2018.

Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics optimised the MPV30 hull design, including appendages, by means of a multi-step CFD analysis. Aim was to realise the lowest possible overall resistance. The Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis included:

  • a basic hull analysis to define the hull resistance and identify spots for improvement
  • improvement of the bow shape according to the analysis results, taking into account all relevant regulations and demands for the interior space
  • improvement of the aft hull shape according to the basic analysis results
  • combining the bow and aft optimisation and test this improved hull design by an overall CFD analysis including the appendages – taking also aspects like the stern wake into account, to enable a detailed analysis for power and speed
  • an analysis of the wave height at 30m distance of the vessel to minimise these according to the vessel’s use on inland waterways

End result was an overall resistance reduction of 7 percent.

  • Multi Purpose Vessel
  • about 40m
  • Hull optimisation including appendages
  • Bijlsma Wartena