Jongert 2400M

At the 2006 Dusseldorf Boatshow, Jongert Yachts displayed the results of an extensive study we carried out regarding the performance of the Jongert 2400M.

In this project we combined the strengths of our in-house VPP and data acquired by doing a thorough CFD analysis of the hull and its appendages.

Using the VPP, first a number of optimum upwind equilibrium sailing conditions were determined, including the effect of the rudder angle. These cases were then analysed in CFD to acquire accurate data regarding the sideforce production and induced resistance of the keel, bulb and rudder and the interaction effects with the canoe body, such as lift carry-over and downwash. This data was then input back into the VPP, to fine-tune our mathemetical models to calculate these effects.

  • Jongert 2400M
  • Sloop-rigged Sailing Yacht
  • 24.0m | 80ft
  • Jachtwerf Jongert
  • Performance and CFD Analysis