Hopper Dredger

At the request of IHC Merwede b.v., full scale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations were carried out for a Hopper Dredger.

The aim of these CFD calculations was to judge the viscous flow behaviour around the hull, to determine the wake fields for the design of the propellers and to check the resistance, at various draught/water depth ratios, speeds and loading conditions. The calculations were condition-dependant and carried out using the “free to trim and sink” option in the CFD code and a fixed trim condition in shallow water.

The conditions were analysed with propeller nozzle and working propeller, modelled with a so-called actuator disc. At the request of the propeller designer these conditions were also analysed without nozzle and without working propeller.

  • Hopper Dredger
  • 12,000m3 Hopper Dredger
  • 137 m
  • CFD analysis to determine the influence of water depth and loading conditions on the wake field and resistance at various speeds