M/Y Galactica

For Heessen Yachts we performed a CFD analysis of the flow around the superstructure of Galactica.

Five specific regions of the superstructure were of particular interest:

  • The air flow over the fly bridge;
  • The air flow over the stairway which leads from the fly bridge to the wheelhouse deck;
  • The air flow over the aft- end of the main deck;
  • The air flow near the by-pass of the engine exhaust;
  • The air flow along the exit of the ventilation exhaust of the grey water tank.

The calculations were carried out for the full scale yacht, for three different wind conditions, as follows:

  • At full speed ahead with no ambient wind;
  • At cruising speed ahead in 3.75 knots of beam wind;
  • At zero ship speed in 15 knots of beam wind.

With the use of these calculations we were able to pin-point specific areas on the super structure on which modifications could be applied in order to redirect the flow and thereby increase the comfort of the passengers.

  • Galactica
  • Aluminium Semi-Displacement Motor Yacht
  • 50.0m | 165ft
  • Heesen Yachts
  • CFD analysis of airflow around superstructure of a large motor yacht