Foil Assist

In 2003 we completed a large series of tests in the towing tank with different models of a planing hull fitted with a foil-assist appendage.

It was found that the size of the appendage, and its longitudinal location, were critical in obtaining stable behaviour. In the location in which the model exhibited stable behaviour, the resistance of the model decreased substantially over the speed range tested. With the appendage the model revealed to display significantly lower accelerations as well.

In 2004 we designed a full-scale prototype craft, with which the handling qualities of the craft in various conditions, in smooth and rough conditions were assessed.

Research continued in 2008, whith tests of a 40m motor yacht with foil assist. Tank tests and CFD computations clearly showed all the physical principles at work and led to a greater understanding of the design. We are currently looking to apply the current design to a motor yacht.

  • Foil Assist
  • Development of Foil-Assist appendage for reduced resistance and better behaviour in waves