Royal Wagenborg Easy Max

This ice-class multipurpose vessel for Wagenborg and partners of the Easymax type, has a load capacity of over 14.000 tons. With a length of 149.95m and 15.90m beam this is the largest vessel ever built within the Dutch northern dikes.

Van Oossanen optimised the hull design. Aim was to improve the inflow onto the propeller and reduce the resistance. The calculations were performed with Computational Fluid Dynamics on two drafts and one speed. This 3-month project resulted in 11 % resistance reduction.

The Easy Max was awarded the Dutch renowned Maritime Innovation Award 2017, the jury mentioned its efficiency as an important feature.

  • Ice-class multi purpose vessel
  • 149.95m
  • 14000+GT
  • Hull optimisation
  • Niestern Sander