Thanks to our experience in ship hydrodynamics, we know how to improve the flow around the hull or appendages of a yacht. Good flow properties will result in the highest sailing performance: silent sailing comfort, fuel economy and in addition, a faster speed.

Often, significant performance improvements can be reached by analyzing the hydrodynamic flow around the hull form. Our methods are innovative and smart: we combine our own experience and approach with the best software and hardware available, all of which is updated daily.

By using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we are capable of analyzing the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic flow around your yacht in much greater detail than was ever before possible. Next to that, we use our in-house programs to calculate the best speed and propeller-propulsions systems based on the resistance results.

Flexible and easy to access, we are available worldwide for all yards, designers and owners, and are capable of improving all types of yacht designs. Our expertise:

CFD packages
In-house CFD subscriptions
Online analysis
Blue efficiency shop (yachts <24m)