17.5m Lemsteraak

In order to obtain a better insight in the hydrodynamic characteristics of a Lemsteraak, a traditional dutch sailing yacht, we performed a CFD analysis on one of the hulls used for the tank test program in 1999.

During this tank test program, 3 systematic hulls with several appendage configurations were analysed. For the CFD analysis we used the best hull with the optimal appendage configuration based on these tank tests. With the use of CFD it is possible to visualize the dynamic pressure distribution and flow direction around the hull and appendages. With the use of these visualisations we are able to locate the areas of high resistance and to lower the resistance and identify new areas of optimization.

  • CFD analysis of a Lemsteraak
  • Lemsteraak
  • 17.5m | 57ft
  • CFD analysis of flow around traditional dutch sailing yachts