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Heading up for Florence with 4 finalists


Nominated with no less than 4 superyacht finalists, Van Oossanen is heading up with confidence for the World Superyacht Awards in Florence, Italy.

Located at the world renowned Palazzo Vecchio, the Boat International event will take place at May 14th. Van Oossanen’s naval architecture is in ‘the race’ with Mulder Shipyard’s 34m Solis, Heesen’s 50m Sibelle, Alia’s 41m Rüya and 43.5m Seven Sins, the last one refitted by Balk Shipyard with Van Oossanen being responsible for the bow lengthening.

With Rüya recently winning a Superyacht Design Award for the best naval architecture and interior design and Sibelle previously awarded an Invictus Yacht Trophy, we feel acknowledged for very different designs and expertise. Proud to have been part of these impressive Superyacht realizations, we wish the best for everyone involved.


Arrow460 Mercedes-Benz Style on sea-trials


The ARROW460-Granturismo from Silver Arrows Marine is the mould-breaking first model from a new partnership to build a luxury motor yacht that captures the design purity and dynamism of a Mercedes-Benz automobile. The 706 kW (960 hp) yacht has been embarking on sea trials out of Nice ahead of the final commissioning of the interior, due in May when full technical and commercial details will be released.

ARROW460-Granturismo arrives after a four-year development period during which Silver Arrows Marine worked in close collaboration with its partner Mercedes-Benz Style and many of the world’s most eminent names in yacht design and construction.

Displaying the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, the automotive DNA in ARROW460-Granturismo is plain to see. It ensures sensual purity unlike anything else on the water while delivering an on-board experience that only a complete re-imagining of the 14m class of motor yacht could deliver. With its long foredeck, a flowing, arched roofline and a slightly descending rear, the yacht has classic automobile proportions. The concave and convex interaction along the entire flank creates a highly sculptural hull that conveys both dynamism and serenity. The overall composition is accentuated by elegantly styled yet functional details. Great attention has been paid to the handrails, for example, which are perfectly integrated into the roofline.

Just as with a car, a system of prototyping was adopted during development to ensure ergonomic excellence and exceptional detail quality. The state-of-the-art hull design has been shaped as much for comfort and ease of handling as speed by Van Oossanen’s hydrodynamicists.

The big architectural challenge was to integrate the underwater ‘lines’ with the above-water feature lines as drawn by Mercedes-Benz Style designers. Keeping form and function in a yacht that had to deliver excellent performance and the ultimate comfort experience was only possible after extensive CFD research on every detail. It also required close collaboration between Van Oossanen and the Mercedes-Benz Style designers.

Managing director Niels Moerke states: ‘Our philosophy was to focus on details, as details make the difference.’ Examples are the integration of the intermediate spray rails, optimised with help of CFD, and a specific propeller tunnel that is exceptional for yachts with 35+knots speed. ‘Realising details like these in close company with the yard and Mercedes-Benz Style has made all the difference to the unique high quality design of the Arrow460.


Van Oossanen exhibits at The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show


Save the date for 4-6 May as the London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show (LYJAPCS) is taking place. This exclusive owner event in the heart of London is designed to attract the city’s elite.

Van Oossanen will be present to take (future) yacht owners into the ‘invisible world’ of the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic flow around a yacht. Together with the world’s best exterior and interior designers, we develop yacht designs that excel in performance, in terms of comfort, efficiency and safety.

A better understanding of our best performing design can be found in the construction and efficiency of your yacht when sailing the oceans or at harbour. Van Oossanen’s patent protected Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) has formed the foundation of many successful yacht designs, varying from Heesen’s 65m/213ft flagship Galactica Star to the recent 45 to 75ft Beach series by Jetten Yachts.

Recently, Van Oossanen has been developing new hull concepts within the existing Fast Displacement Hull concept that respond to the demands of future clients for optimum comfort, greater interior and exterior space, and prestigious length-speed designs.

With more than 25 years of expertise in hydrodynamics, and being CFD specialists as well as a naval architects, Van Oossanen is capable of realising a yacht design in a way that comfort, performance and space are optimised.

Join us at the LYJAPCS where we look forward to welcome you at booth A10 on the ground floor.

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Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics widens its borders with membership NMT


After sister company Hull Vane BV, Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics now also has joined Netherlands Maritime Technology as a member, to share the company’s specialist knowledge on ship optimization with the broad maritime commercial shipping industry.

The Netherlands Maritime Technology trade association represents the strong, innovative and internationally competitive network of Dutch shipyards, maritime suppliers and maritime service providers. They initiate activities and projects that stimulate cooperation and secure a level playing field. The members are companies – large and small – that aim to lead the way in the quest for new challenges and solutions.

Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics is proud to become a member. Managing Director Niels Moerke:
“As we already are about 25 years operating in the field of hydrodynamics and more than 10 years with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we have a thorough knowledge in this field. We are prepared to share this knowledge with a widener group of clients. The need for the specialist advice and knowledge in the field of CFD is growing, as our country is focusing more and more on optimizing its ship designs. We thanks NMT for acknowledging this by allowing us a membership”.

If you wish to receive more information on the services of Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics, please contact Niels Moerke: 0317-451573 or via contact us

Royal Niestern Sander

Golden Neptune for Rüya


At the Showboats Design Symposium in Kitzbuhel, Austria, Van Oossanen has received a golden Neptune ShowBoats Design Award for the best naval architecture on 41m motoryacht Rüya. Rüya was a double winner in the category yachts under 500GT, also winning the Interior design and layout award.

With her 499GT volume, Alia Yacht’s Rüya offers maximum interior and exterior space. Congratulations also to designer Sam Sorgiovanni and Alia Yachts, whom we thank for the close cooperation that was the key of Rüya’s success design. Find out more about our job on Rüya here

Van Oossanen naval architecture is also still ‘in the race’ with no less than 4 finalists for the World Superyacht Awards: 34m Solis, 50m Sibelle, 41m Rüya and 43.5m Seven Sins. The WSYA will take place on May 14th in Florence, Italy. Have a look at the complete list of finalists here


New Beach series presented at Boot Dusseldorf


At Boot Dusseldorf, the new Beach series of yachts has been launched by Van Oossanen, the renewed Jetten Shipyard and Cor D. Rover Design. With a robust and sportive look, the new Jetten 45 and 75 Beach will offer the owner the optimal comfort onboard and best performance results.

The new 45 and 75 (45 ft/13.7 m and75ft/22.8 m) series are based on the Fast Displacement Hull Form, giving the yacht an excellent performance profile. For the owner this means less operational cost by fuel savings, and more comfort in waves. By smaller engines and less investment cost, also the yard benefits.

With a robust and sportive look and a vertical bow shape, the Beach design by Cor D. Rover reflects the wishes of the owner that wants to enjoy the beach and be flexible in use. Maximum exterior space on the aft deck ensures a good relaxing time in all weather conditions. The interior can be customized according to the client’s wishes. Easy to use, the tender is positioned in an extra aft deck platform, allowing a quick transport to the beach or harbor.

The new Beach series will be built at Jetten Shipyard, with a first 45 currently in build.

Beach concept 1

Beach concept 2

Beach design presentation Dusseldorf

Van Oossanen supports RISE!


Van Oossanen becomes platina sponsor of RISE! Delft. This innovative student rowing team has developed a hydrofoil rowing shell that rises above the water.

RISE’s mission is to design and build the most innovative and fastest rowing boat in the world. Their dream is to race in a competition with other universities that build similar boats and to stimulate the regular rowing sport to apply new techniques and methods.

Right now the team has finished developing their first boat. Follow RISE! on their website or facebook page:


RISE rowing team WEB

The Hull Vane wins Maritime Innovation Award 2015


Monday November 2, the Hull Vane® was chosen as winner for the Maritime Innovation Award during the Maritime Awards Gala, initiated by Netherlands Maritime Technology. The jury was impressed by the Hull Vane as being a very broadly applicable and relatively cost-friendly fuel saving solution, with a payback time of 1 to 3 years.

The Hull Vane was developed by Peter van Oossanen, during research for a sailing yacht competing for the America’s Cup, the Formula 1 of shipbuilding. Van Oossanen Naval Architects further developed it into the patented Hull Vane® with help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

In the last years, the Hull Vane® has been successfully applied to 30 meter passenger vessel, Heesen Yard’s 42 meter superyacht Alive and a 55 meter fast supply vessel Karina of De Hoop Shipyards. Recently a successful CFD study has been performed for Dutch navy ‘Holland-klasse’ patrol vessels.

During the 10th Maritime Awards Gala, five prestigious Maritime prizes were awarded, amongst which the KNVTS ship of the year. We congratulate all winners with their promising results and thank all early adopters for believing in our innovation.

Maritime Awards Gala 2015-4414

FDHF gives Turquoise new series projects blue credentials


Van Oossanen’s patented Fast Displacement Hull Form gives Turquoise new series projects blue credentials. Interested in these new series? Find out more here.



Turquoise, Cor D Rover, Van Oossanen

Peter van Oossanen at Copinaval 2015


Dr. Ir. Peter van Oossanen, founder of Van Oossanen, will give a key-note lecture on ‘The hydrodynamics of the High-Speed Hull Form’ at the COPINAVAL congress in Uruguay. This congress will take place in Montevideo October 18-22th. He also will share his experiences on the America’s Cup during a special session about the America’s Cup Sailing Yachts.

COPINAVAL is organized by IPIN (Instituto Panamericano de Ingenieria Naval). The conference is open for anyone registering. We welcome you to attend!

More information on the congress can be found on the COPINAVAL website or via LinkedIn, here you can subscribe.

If you would like to contact Peter on his topics, feel free to send him a message:


Hull Vane - a fuel saving device for fast displacement vessels