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Radical new Icon Yachts 46 metres: fast and efficient



ICON Yachts and Bristow-Holmes are pleased to announce the sale of the first in a radical new series of Yachts to be built in Holland by the Dutch Master Yacht Builder. “The Gotham Project” is an extremely innovative, bold and exciting Superyacht that was born out of the passion and determination of Bristow-Holmes, Ivan Erdevicki and ICON Yachts to develop something new, something different and something that promises to turn heads wherever she goes.

This stunning 46 Metre Aluminium Superyacht has been designed in partnership with Ivan Erdevicki and renowned naval architects Van Oossanen along with a great amount of input and detail from the owner and his broker. The result is this truly remarkable vessel. With Van Oossanen’s patented FDHF hull and Hull Vane®, the yacht performs truly efficient and fast, “A wolf in wolf’s clothing”

Her striking exterior features 5 unique exterior guest zones:

  • Recessed Waterside Bar Unit on the aft bathing platform for greeting and entertaining clients on arrival/during water sports activities
  • Capacious Aft Cockpit with seating for up to 16 guests in a relaxed style
  • Forward Sunbathing Area with Plunge Pool
  • Large Flybridge with a striking central staircase to the Sundeck, symmetrical bar units to port and starboard and large “U Shaped” seating around rise and fall hydraulic coffee tables with rotating table tops that convert to form an extremely large sun pad
  • Sundeck with dining/seating for up to 16 guests around two unique dining tables with glass tops that allow natural light to penetrate through the tables and the subsequent glass panels set into the floor below thus allowing light into the vessels sky lounge.

The Sundeck converts into a DJ area for those nights when the party just needs to keep on going…
The unique exterior design created by Ivan Erdevicki flow through to the interior which has also been designed by the Canadian based designer.

With such a striking exterior, it was important that we followed this through to the interior areas of the yacht however careful consideration was required to ensure that the whole vessel flowed throughout. It has been a pleasure working with the owner and his representatives to date and we are looking forward to seeing this striking yacht coming to life.”- Ivan Erdevicki, ER Design

Along with her exterior the interior of “The Gotham Project” features several unique aspects:

  • Comprehensive AV appliances throughout the vessel, from pop up exterior speakers to the private cinema room with ambient lighting.
  • First Vessel under 60 meters with a Glass Wine Cellar in the lower deck lobby
  • Extremely spacious full beam master cabin with private office, glass ceiling, capacious open shower and impressive lighting throughout.
  • Side Loading Tender Bay and Gymnasium
  • Accommodation for up to 10 Guests in 5 cabins
  • Independent Crew Access to the Lower Deck for easier servicing of the guest areas
  • Capacious Galley and servery with walk in fridge/freezers for extended long range cruising

The Gotham Project is the first in a series of Yachts to be built by ICON Yachts in partnership with Bristow-Holmes. “Together with Ivan Erdevicki, and the rest of the team at ICON we have created a truly unique and remarkable platform series of yachts. The Gotham Project embodies the Bristow-Holmes Ethos of bringing a “Fresh, Bold Approach to the World of Yachting” and we are delighted to have hull number 1 under construction. We are looking forward to discussing the project with future prospective purchasers and developing the series further with other purchasers” – Harry Bristow-Holmes, Bristow-Holmes Founder and CEO.

The Gotham Project doesn’t just look the part, her comprehensive technical specification typifies Dutch Quality and Engineering:

  • Hull Vane® Fitted to the Transom increasing efficiency by 20% thus increasing range and performance. The second largest yacht to date ever built to feature this unique technology
  • 24.5 Knot Top Speed from 2 x MTU 16V2000 Engines
  • Range of 2950 nautical miles, impressive for a yacht of this size
  • Well-proportioned garage with side loading tender bay
  • Cutting edge naval architecture from Van Oossanen, offering unparalleled performance.

“From the very first introduction to the Gotham Project it was clear that the intention was for this new yacht to stand out from the crowd. The yacht’s unmistakable and bold exterior styling was perhaps enough to achieve this alone. However, when further combined with a high level of specification, unparalleled performance and a Dutch shipyard with a thirst to break into the 40-50M market, the Gotham Project is clearly destined to become a stand out superyacht when delivered to her Owner in 2019.” – James Hutchinson, HYC


 Jen Wartena of ICON Yachts comments “This project has been one of the most innovative and exciting projects we have been involved in. It’s the culmination of a great deal of work spanning over 22 months since our initial discussions at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015 through to the signing of the ship building contract earlier this week. Myself and the whole team at ICON Yachts are extremely proud to be building this particular vessel and look forward to future hull’s for future clients”.

Naval Architect Perry van Oossanen explains: “We feel privileged to be selected as the primary naval architect for such a bold project. Thanks to the open mindset of the owner and his team, this yacht makes a perfect showcase of the capabilities of combining our patented FDHF with the Hull Vane®. This fully optimised performance package will effect 15-20% lower fuel consumption and approximately 1,5 knots additional maximum speed, resulting in a truly remarkable 24,5 knots max speed, considering the installed power.”

Delivery is due for June 2019 and keel laying to take place in October 2017, these are exciting times for everyone involved!




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Online CFD ship analysis premiered by Van Oossanen


Van Oossanen now premieres an online service for ship hull analysis. This online tool enables naval architects, ship owners, yards and students to analyse the performance of a ship’s hull with high quality validated software, and receive a detailed test report by e-mail within a day.  This development is an important step in the development and appliance of ship simulation software.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Van Oossanen is a leader and innovator within naval architecture, and a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis for ship performance. CFD is most easily described as a virtual towing tank. With state-of-the-art hardware and software, the flow around the ship is simulated in detail. Compared to towing tank tests CFD is just as accurate and often more cost effective, especially in the early design stages. In addition, CFD provides an almost unlimited amount of data flow details.

Van Oossanen’s goals are to offer easy access to their high quality optimised and validated software, as well as to stimulate awareness on hull efficiency within the maritime field. Managing director Niels Moerke, comments: “We understand the necessity to have available tools to analyse hull designs in the early stagse of a project. CFD is a very powerful but complicated and expensive tool, and with our webshop we make these simulations available for a very broad audience. As an ongoing process, we continually validate, tune and develop the CFD code to guarantee exceptionally high quality and trustworthy results.”

To kick-off the webshop, Van Oossanen has activated the option to ‘run’ a single surface bare hull via The company aims to enable the online analysis of multi-surface geometries, and to open the opportunity to add appendages and regular wave simulations as well.

Investing over 20 per cent of their time in Research and Development, Van Oossanen began working on the online ship analysis tool back in 2015. The tool was introduced to the Netherlands maritime market at the end of 2016, and has now premiered worldwide via

Online hull analysis
A key benefit is the easy-access mode; all the user requires is basic ship data and a geometry that can be uploaded at any location and at any time, the high quality validated software, and the limited delivery time of a 3D report. A history of reports can be privately and securely stored in iCloud, which makes this type of service safe and protected.

At this moment in time, the system is only capable of bare hull analysis, however, further types of ship analysis compatible with the online service are in the development stage.


Van Oossanen nominated for the ‘Nationale Business Success Award’ 2016


NBSA-badge-2016Choosen as winner in the business category yacht design and engineering, Van Oossanen heads for the Dutch ‘Nationale Business Success Award 2016’!
The election was based upon the company’s results over the last 3 years, having good results in spite of a challenging maritime market. In 2016 we confirmed several new orders for yacht development and have sold no less than 5 Hull Vane’s. We hope to set a benchmark for the Maritime Industry with winning this Success Award.

You can help us win by sending this free SMS to 4422: NBSA 9386. Voting is possible until January 15th 2PM.
Many thanks in advance for your support!

Success Award

Van Oossanen has moved into a new head office!


From 15/12/2016 we have started working from a new office.

Please note our visiting address will change into: Nude 46, 6702DM Wageningen, The Netherlands. Thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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gebouw Nude

Interview at the Monaco Yacht Show: Perry van Oossanen explains about Galactica Super Nova’s Fast Displacement Hull and introduces the Fast Displacement XL®


At the Monaco Yacht Show of 2016, Van Oossanen introduced 3 new evolutions of our patented Fast Displacement Hulls, that offer the best performance-comfort-space combinations for various types of yacht owners.In this video in front of this year’s Brightest Star at the yacht Universe, Galactica Super Nova,  Van Oossanen’s Managing Perry van Oossanen explains the principles of her Fast Displacement Hull and introduces the 3 new hulls, of which the Fast Displacement XL® recently has been awarded a patent.

Interview at the Monaco Yacht Show: Niels Moerke about the Arrows460 Mercedes Benz style’s best comfort performance


The Monaco Yacht Show 2016 premiered the official introduction of the Arrows460 Mercedes Benz style by Silver Arrows Marine. In this video in front of the Arrows460 at the show, Van Oossanen’s Managing Director Niels Moerke explains how the best comfort onboard was realised, staying dry at a cruising speed of 26 knots. Just to mention: although this design focuses on comfort, this unique and luxury tender can reach over 36 knots….


BS2 became Dutch Champion for the fourth time in a row!


Our 2011 Lemsteraak design BS2 became Dutch Champion for the fourth time in a row. The Dutch Championship was divided over three days with changing wind conditions ranging from medium winds on Friday, light wind condition on Saturday and heavy wind conditions on Sunday.

With a 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 score over all the races the BS2 proved to be the best performing Lemsteraak in her class.

The design of the BS2 took a year using all state of the art design tools such as CFD and our in-house VPP to optimize the sailing performance under all conditions. The BS2 was built in 2012 by the Workumer yacht service who still has the full responsibility for the maintenance of the yacht. Last year we designed new dagger boards which further improved the up wind sailing performance of the yacht.

We congratulate and thank the owner and his team for the superb performance. A true winners team!


Jetten 45 Beach tested and to Cannes



On August 20th we attended the endurance tests on the new Jetten 45 Beach. The new Jetten 45 Beach features a FDHF hull. With her 2 x 300 HP engines she sails easily 22 knots, with a comfortable cruising speed of 17 knots. Fuel consumption at 17 knots was 70 to 80 liters depending on the sea state.


The tests took place at the Waddenzee sailing from Harlingen to Vlieland and back. We encountered wind Beaufort 6 during our travel, and the yacht took the sea state very well.


Jetten Shipyards quoted: “The cooperation with the Van Oossanen team was pleasant, peer, professional, committed and in time from design to delivery. Their predictions about the performance of the yacht were exact. The yacht is really sailing great with your FDHF hull! Very satisfied.”


We welcome the Jetten 45 Beach to our FDHF family and with her 45 feet she is the smallest yacht up to date featuring our patented Fast Displacement Hull Form.

The Jetten 45 Beach will be present at the Cannes Yachting Festival from 6-11 September, you are welcome to come and visit her.



Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics and Hull Vane present Blue Efficiency at SMM 2016


Save the date for 6-9 September as the SMM 2016 is taking place. At the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics will present advanced hull optimization services in a shared booth with Hull Vane®, the patented energy saving device.

In the process of designing, building or refitting a vessel, Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics can analyze and improve the hydrodynamic performance of a vessel, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  Direct benefits are fuel economy, increased crew or passenger comfort through reduced accelerations, reduced wind hinder or green water effects, and an increased speed.

At SMM 2016 Van Oossanen Fluid Dynamics will showcase its proven expertise on ship optimization, presenting new forms of services.  CFD subscriptions offer clients the possibility to make use of our advanced software, cluster and expertise on demand. We are proud to present our latest development, an online ship analysis that will be available from September 2016.

Hull Vane, winner of the Maritime Innovation Award 2015, will explain its proven solution to reduce ships’ fuel consumption and improve their seakeeping. Recent research has shown a significant potential for improvement of the comfort, safety and operability in waves of naval & coastguard ships, superyachts, offshore vessels and ferries.

Optimized hull designs as well as vessels equipped with a Hull Vane, newbuild and retrofit, both contribute to the Blue Efficiency of vessels and make the maritime industry ready for the future.

With more than 25 years of expertise in hydrodynamics, and being CFD specialists as well as naval architects, Van Oossanen is capable of realising ship designs that offer excellence in performance, in terms of comfort, speed and efficiency.

Join us at the SMM where we look forward to welcome you at booth B2.EG.118!

Practical info SMM

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Jetten Shipyard builds New Aft Cabin Yacht with Hull Vane


A new concept is born for owners that favour the aft cabin yachts, with the recent newbuild of the Jetten 65 by Jetten Shipyard. This new yacht design, featuring a Cor D. Rover design, focuses on the maximum sailing comfort featuring Van Oossanen’s Fast Displacement Hull and a Hull Vane®.

The Jetten 65 can be seen as the new ‘aft cabin yacht’, a type of yacht not only perfect for the inland and coast waters, the West-European and Mediterranean owner, but also perfect for the open sea, fitting the Scandinavian and the new American owner.  The design of Cor D. Rover gives this concept a brand new future, providing maximum comfort onboard for the owners by her open living space, a highly comfortable VIP cabin in the front and in the aft the owner’s cab with panorama view.

Maximum performance and comfort is guaranteed by Van Oossanen’s patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF), allowing the yacht, featuring two 550 HP Cummins engines, to reach 20 knots – giving her owners the best fuel efficiency and sailing comfort. Being responsible for the complete naval architecture, Van Oossanen also delivered the engineering and the cutting files package of this full aluminium yacht, of which the building process has started in June.

To maximize the onboard comfort whilst sailing, a patented Hull Vane® is added to the design, following the explicit preferences of the investor Paul Klaassen, who is a big fan of foils and bringing new technology to boating. He already started with improving sailing 20 years ago:

Back in 1996, I put a large foil and two small ones on my 64 foot. It had a very positive effect as it lifted the boat 18 inches, from 38 inch draft, and increased top speed by about 30% from 30 to 40 knots. Problem was the builder never built more of them and closed.  As they said about Edmund Burke: he was usually right, but right too early!”

Apart from 10% fuel savings at the yacht’s cruising speed, the Hull Vane® also reduces the pitch motions of the yacht, making her a real explorer companion for yacht owners looking for the highest levels of onboard comfort. To indicate the benefits of applying Hull Vane®, Van Oossanen simulated the yacht design in the maximum wave conditions typically encountered on the Dutch inland waters, with the help of computational fluid dynamics. This resulted in over 7% less heave motions, 13% less pitching, over 10% less vertical accelerations of the aft deck, and an overall reduction of resistance of almost 11%.

The build started in June 2016, follow us to stay updated on the progress of the building process.

Jetten 65 with Hull Vane