Tri-hulled FDHF

New FDHF Hull Concepts
Van Oossanen has been working on new developments within the FDHF concept. The general aim has been to examine alternative volume-length ratios and finding new unique selling points.

The results are 3 new FDHF-based hull forms, offering each unique new features: 30-40% more volume, maximum length with optimal comfort and highest efficiency combined with maximized exterior space. These concern 2 new interpretations of the FDHF and 1 tri-hulled yacht concept in which a FDHF hull is combined with 2 additional space platforms.

Be-Tri: tri-hulled yacht with highest efficiency and maximized outdoor space


    • maximum exterior space
    • optimal comfort
    • super fast and efficient

This tri-hulled vessel concept combines a FDHF with 2 additional outriggers. The Be-Tri hull design also enhances a fuel saving and trim-reducing Hull Vane and extra Hull Vane-assist, fixed hull foil below the water-line. Result are an extremely good performance in terms of speed potential, range, comfort in waves and also significantly more exterior space.