Guardian 72

The Guardian 72 is the biggest of the Guardian series of yachts.

The Guardian 72 is designed as a true passage maker. The top speed is 20 knots and the cruising speed is 15 knots. At cruising speed the range is 850 nautical miles, and at 10 knots the range is more than 2350 nautical miles. Like the Guardian 65, the styling and general arrangement were done by Rene van der Velden Design.

After an extensive study of all the alternative hull shapes, Van Oossanen & Associates and Blue Print Marine settled for a semi-displacement, round bilge hull form, with pronounced spray rails forward. This arrangment provides for a very smooth and dry ride, while providing the lowest possible resistance throughout the speed range. The propellers are placed inside tunnels to give the ship a relatively shallow draft, and a small skeg is fitted as protection for the propellers. All the parts of the hull and appendages (such as the skeg and bow thruster) are designed to provide low resistance.

The GRP construction is built in vacuum resin infused glass epoxy laminates, with divinycell cores for optimum stiffness and survivability.

Van Oossanen & Associates did the following work for the Guardian 72:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Hull form development
  • Scantling Calculations and construction plan
  • Weight calculations
  • Stability calculations
  • Resistance and propulsion calculations and propeller selection
  • Guardian 72
  • Composite Semi-Displacement Motor Yacht
  • 22.0m | 72ft
  • Blue Print Marine
  • Naval Architecture